Free up your time!

Shaving Hours Off Getting Ready

It used to take me two or three hours to wash, dry, and style my long, thick hair. Then a friend told me about Locks of Love, an organization that accepts donations of hair to make wigs for children suffering from disease-related hair loss. I cut off 15 inches and sent it to the organization, and now I have a cute, shorter style that I no longer have to spend hours styling.
Laura Sencabaugh
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Finding Shortcuts at Home

I stopped sorting and matching socks for my family of five. It was such a waste of time. Now we pin our socks together before throwing them into the hamper, and they never get lost.
C. Franck
Richmond, Virginia

I take all my ironing to a local dry cleaner, where I pay $1 per shirt for pressing. It saves me hours of work every week.
Della Nichols
Roseville, California

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