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Get and Stay Organized 
by Becca Clark of Creative Convenience.

8 Key Concepts

1.  Visualize the end result first - paint a clear and detailedpicture in your mind of how you want the space to look and feel and function.  This gives a strong road map to follow andmotivates you to complete the project.

2.  Keep it SMALL - 
many people are so eager that they simply plan too big and end up with a mess and disappointment.  My team and I cannot complete a garage in a day - you can't either!  Organize one drawer or one shelf at a time, then move to the next if you have the time and energy.  Seeing that complete and stellar result gives you the win to keep going.

3.  Honor your Prime Real Estate - 
save your best, most accessible space for the things you use most often.  Typically this will not require getting on your hands and knees or using a ladder. Have drawers or doors that stick or are otherwise unwieldy - these are not prime wherever they are located.  Understand clearly what areas you and your family (including the Short Ones!) can reach conveniently.

4.  Keep like with like - 
the categories are up to you.  Prefer pens and pencils separate or together?  The system is customizable, but the concept is static.  Keep everything alike in one place so everyone knows how much you have, when you are running out, and where to put it back!

5.  Corral the stuff - 
like cattle, loose objects tend to shift and wander.  Use drawer dividers, shelf dividers, bins and boxes to"wall off" your like items and keep them in one place.

6.  Go up - use that vertical space - 
tall bookcases use the same footprint space as short ones and give you twice the storage.  Taller furniture, shelves, and other pieces may cost more initially, but are worth it if space is tight.

7.  Label it - 
sounds simplistic, but labels give your brain ashortcut to finding the things you use less often (no need to label your forks and spoons!).   More importantly, the insider's secret is that most people will NOT put the wrong thing into a space that is labeled.  Good to know for shared rooms andoffices

8.  Storage vs. Retrieval -
 consider how you use the items rather than where they will fit best.  My organizing mantra: "storage is easy, access is hard".   Plan ahead, figure out how often everyone uses a particular item, then assign it a home accordingly.  Once a year holiday decor?  Attic or basement may be good.  Weekly soccer equipment?  Up close and easy to grab and go.

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