12 months of de-cluttering.

I know last month was really hard for me on the de-cluttering home front.  I had a full schedule and I'd rather de-clutter STUFF than my emails and computer!  

In March and April  we are doing a bit of an organizer's version of a Spring Clean....a Spring Purge. 

If you want an easy task then this month get rid of 7 things every single day.  If you start today you will be 161 items lighter.  I promise you that is not hard.  I just went through the playroom yesterday and filled half a trashcan full of stuff that was so worthless I couldn't even donate it.  That's it.  If you want the "easy track" this month, that's your assignment.  Wanna include your family?  Have them get rid of 7 things a day and you'll create more room in your house in no time.  That's too much?  Make each people responsible for 1 item to donate/trash a day.  

What to get "hard core"?  Me too!  

This week we'll focus on our hall closets and linen closets.  One of the advantages of having less linens, coats, jackets, stuff in general is there is simply less to manage and time is actually gained!  Seriously, you sort of add minutes to your day when you have less to manage!

As you empty your linen closet donate your extra not-so-great linens and towels to your local animal shelter!     Donate your extras of anything you have.  So many people have a large stockpile of body washes and the like they wouldn't need to shop for two years but the reality is they are still buying them and their stockpile grows beyond what they can use.  Donate these items to a food pantry.  Or any kind of half-way house could use this kind of stuff.  Your extra "usable" linens could also be used by these types of shelters.  

Google online how to properly dispose of your expired medicines.  

Rotate your heavy coats, you won't likely need them here on out, make sure your spring jackets are easily accessible.  Put up those hats, gloves and scarves and get out the sidewalk chalk and bubbles.  I have an over the door pocket system in my front entry closet.  The winter stuff will be put up and replaced with these outdoor fun tools so they are easily accessible.  

Notice if you have too many hangers, suitcases and backpacks.  Donate your excess.  Store infrequently used suitcases in the attic or on a high shelf.  

Donate all the stuff you haven't used in so long you forgot about it!  The easiest way to donate might be to list your freebies on freecycle.org.  People will gladly come pick up your castoffs!

Don't go easy on yourself here.  Do this Spring Purge full-tilt.  Make a family project of de-cluttering your home to donate unneeded items to those less fortunate. This is a sure way to put things into perspective and realize that “things” only have value when they fulfill a real need. Donate items to Goodwill, to less fortunate friends, or to families from church that can use a little help.

Remember why it's important to get rid of this clutter!  

Set yourself free of the responsibilities of being a “consumer” and realize that you have the power to stop buying things! Buying less does a multitude for your mind and soul, including getting you a little closer towards having gratitude for what you already have, not focusing on what you don’t.
Products that can help you organize your linen and hall closets once you've decluttered:
Curved shelf dividers are perfect for towels and linens.  Add a label to the shelf so everyone in the family understand where to find things and where to put them back. CleverContainer.com/holly
A hanger hamper is perfect for storing some extra hangers.  This simple hamper can help you put a limit on the amount of extras you keep.  Once it's full, any other hangers must be donated. CleverContainer.com/holly
These shoe boxes can be used to store just about anything.  The front opens for easy retrieval.  Because they are square they fit well into all spaces.  Because they are clear you know what they contain.  They stack easily on top of each other.  CleverContainer.com/holly
Use your closet doors for storage with Clever Pockets found at CleverContainer.com/holly. 
Use a vanity spinner or two for small items you can't see well and which easily become a big mess.  CleverContainer.com/holly
You can use these Cabinet Cubbies for a variety of things in every closet.  I love that they are heavy duty clear plastic and that they have a handle.  Find them at CleverContainer.com/holly

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