Where to donate - electronics

World Computer Exchange
What they do: Provide used computers and technology to schools, libraries, community centers & universities in developing countries
What they need: Computers, laptops, printers, hard drives, peripherals, software, and more
National Cristina Foundation
What they do: Provide computer technology to people with disabilities or economic disadvantages, to enable them to lead more independent and productive lives
What they need: Desktops, notebooks, printers, peripherals, software, and more
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
What they do: Work to eliminate domestic violence, and empower battered women and children
What they need: Used cell phones
Games for Heroes
What they do: Provide emotional support to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
What they need: Handheld video game devices like Gameboys, PSPs, and Nintendo DSs
Get-Well Gamers Foundation
What they do: Bring video game systems to children’s hospitals, for entertainment and pain management
What they need: Video games, systems, controllers, and other accessories
Computer Recycling Center
What they do: Place computers in public charity and community programs through Computers & Education™, and recycle unusable items to keep them out of landfills
What they need: Computers, laptops, home electronics
HopeLine from Verizon
What they do: Provide refurbished phones to local domestic violence organizations
What they need: No-longer-used wireless phones, batteries and accessories in any condition from any wireless service provider
Cell Phones for Soldiers
What they do: Use the money from recycling cell phones to purchase calling cards for troops in need
What they need: Used cell phones
iOS Device Recycling Program
What they do: Bring high technology mobile devices (installed with educational apps) into classrooms
What they need: iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches
Fireside International
What they do: Use mobile devices to advance education in Haiti
What they need: iPods, iPads, iPhones

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