Your 12 month challenge, should you choose to accept it.

I was recently introduced to Regina Lark at A Clear Path.  Okay, I didn't meet her in person.  I attended a teleconference of hers.  Because of her call and because I have such great readers who are looking for help, I'd like to challenge you to work with me this year.  I'll give you some challenges every Friday for an entire year to help you de-clutter your life.

Raise your right hand and tell me you're committed to doing these challenges for a better life.  And if at the end of the year, or let's say even half way through, you're not able to do it because of this or that, you need to consider getting some additional physical help.  Like, ask a decisive friend to help or hire a Professional like us.


We'll de-clutter closets together, clean our bookshelves, manage our time better, and deal with paper clutter (of course!).

Aren't you excited?  Join me!  Since we're already halfway through January we need to bust through some things pronto!  Let's tackle your entertainment "treasures".

Regina reminded me that the very beginning of a project actually starts with time planning.  You need to first calendar the time to do this work.  For instance, if you have many video and audio tapes without labels, and you plan to listen to the recordings to determine what they are, be sure to add that time into your de-clutter day.

You will need a container to store your giveaways in until you are finished de-cluttering this area.  A tub is nice but any box will do.  

Here are your first set of tasks:
1. Toss out all video and audio cassettes that are broken or old.  Ask all of your household members to do the same.
2. Cross check video and DVD recordings. Keep one copy and donate the other one (or the rest!).
3. Get rid of CDs you already have mp3s to, especially if you listen to mp3s 90% of the time, and who doesn't?!!!! If you are keeping some CDs, Regina suggests this to help you find a music selection quickly: color-code your music library - jazz in blue, rock in red, classical in green, etc.
4. If you don’t have a turn-table, it is now time to decide what you are going to do with your albums. Either make a legitimate plan to purchase a turn-table in the near future or gift this music to someone else so the music can still be enjoyed.  You can determine their value: Amoeba Records will buy used albums  You can trade CDs, DVDs and books at

That is your assignment.  Set aside time for these tasks.  I'll be back next Friday with a new set of tasks to finish up decluttering this area in your home.  P.S.  Don't forget to bring in music/movies that you have in your vehicles to include in this project.

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