Top 10 Closet helpers

In light of it being Clean Out Your Closets Month let me share with you my top 10 favorite closet helpers. After you've de-cluttered, consider these options for organization.

1. Belt hanger for tank tops.  You can loop 12 tank tops and such on these and take up less space.
2. Shelf dividers.  My daughter doesn't have a dresser but she has a lot of shelves in her closet.  I use dividers like this and label the shelf underneath.  We love them!

3. Clothing dividers.  I have my clothes organized first by type: short sleeve, long sleeve, skirts, pants.  I use these dividers to help me quickly put my laundered clothes where they belong.  These work well in a baby's closet, esp. if you have one on the way. It's easy to hang clothes by size after baby showers and see what you have at a quick glance.  These are also helpful if you participate in a local consignment sale.  It helps keep everything organized while you work.  Do you have a garage sale every summer?  They are helpful for your shoppers too!

4. Versatile Scarf Holder.  This is a wonderful solution for scarves of varying sizes.  If you only have a few scarves and a few belts you can use this to organize both.  It's a great way to remember your pretty scarf purchases so you actually wear them.

5. Flip Flop File - Flip flops can create a big mess.  You can fit 18 pairs in this file!  Have a craft closet?  Store yarn in it!  Have a bazillion baby blankets? Roll them up and store them here or fill the pockets with diapers.

6. While we're on the topic of shoes, I love these boot boxes.  They protect your boots and also have vent holes to keep them fresh.

7. Jewelry File.  A client of ours once said she always forgot to wear jewelry because she never saw it.  This was the perfect solution.  It has 48 plastic pockets.  The hanger swivels so you can easily see both sides.  This is also great for small toys or small parts of any kind.  Sheesh, you could use it for screws and bolts!

8. Cabinet Cubby.  I love these!  As you see here I'm using them in my narrow linen closet to store extra supplies. They are durable, clear plastic and I can easily see what they contain.  Use these in any closet or cabinet. They contain diapers perfectly.  I also use them in my freezer!  Seriously, I can find a use for these in every single room.

9. Over-the-door pockets.  These are great for every closet and the uses are endless.  In the coat closet the bottom pockets of ours are filled with gloves, scarves, and hats.  I use the rest of the pockets to store outdoor chalk, bubbles, bubble wands, garden gloves etc.  My entry closet feels twice the size because of the pockets hung on the back of the door.  I no longer have a door to my pantry but I did have some wall space so I nailed one to the wall.  It mostly contains cleaning supplies.  Its uses are seemingly endless: in the playroom - barbies, in the bathroom - hair supplies, in the clothes closet - shoes, scarves, ties, jewelry.

10. Clear tubs.  You seriously can't get more basic than this but most of the time there is nothing better!  They are inexpensive and versatile.  Purchase large ones that fit on the top shelves of your clothes closet to store out-of-season clothes.  Get smaller ones for your craft supplies.  Even though they are clear and you can see through them it's still beneficial to label them.

There's my top 10 faves for your closets. First, declutter and pass on what you no longer need or love.  Then decide on the most efficient way to organize what is valuable to you.

*Shopping guide:  the belt hanger, scarf holder, flip flop file, boot boxes, jewelry file, pink polka-dot clever pockets, and the cabinet cubbies can be purchased at  Shelf dividers can be found just about anywhere online, including  Clothing dividers by Sugarbooger come in cute designs with pre-printed labels (types of clothing + size + days of the week).  Clear tubs can be found at most discount stores.

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