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from Getting Organized Magazine

International Book Project
What they do: Promote education and literacy by sending quality used books overseas
What they need: Textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, vocational books, children’s books, and more
Global Literacy Project
What they do: Foster community-based literacy initiatives throughout the world
What they need: “We are currently most in need of Pre-K to 12th grade reading books as well as Math and science textbooks.”
Darien Book Aid
What they do: Send books in response to specific requests from Peace Corps volunteers, libraries and schools all over the world
What they need: A variety of new and gently-used books. Please call before shipping, to make sure your donations fit their needs
Books for Africa
What they do: Help create a culture of literacy by shipping books to libraries and classrooms in Africa
What they need: A wide variety of new and gently-used books, generally 15 years old or newer; details on website
The Bridge of Books Foundation
What they do: Provide books to children in low-income families, particularly through foster family agencies, homeless shelters, underfunded schools, and neighborhood centers
What they need: New and used children’s books, from preschool through high school
Books Through Bars
What they do: Send quality reading and educational material to prisoners, thereby promoting successful community re-integration
What they need: A variety of new and gently-used books; details on website. Please email before shipping.
Books for Soldiers
What they do: Facilitate the direct donation of books to soldiers serving overseas
What they need: Books and magazines (as well as CDs, DVDs, and video games) requested by soldiers
What they do: Place books in inner-city schools, youth centers, homeless shelters, family literacy centers, after-school enrichment programs, children’s group homes, and juvenile detention facilities
What they need: Quality, gently-used children’s books appropriate for infants to 18 years of age
Better World Books
What they do: Sell books to help fund literacy programs worldwide
What they need: A wide variety of books; see website for details

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