January's final de-clutter assignment

So you've started the year's de-cluttering challenge with me last week right?  Here's the last half of your assignment while we finish up the entertainment area.

1. If you still have your undergrad textbooks, it’s time to let those go. You will still be smart without them and you don't need the books to remind you that you're smart and that you achieved something awesome!

2. Donating or recycling textbooks will greatly depend on the date you finished school!  *I have a special post lined up for tomorrow on organizations that might be able to use your books!

3. Create a pile of books that you borrowed and have been planning to return.  Their owners are going to be so excited to get their stuff back!  *Even if it's been years since you've borrowed the book, don't be so ashamed you don't return it.  Just apologize and explain to them your organization goal for the year!

4.  Why not organize your books thematically, then alpha by author. Or, one of the latest trends in design is to organize your books by color.  Now, for me I wouldn't go this route because I would never find the book I was looking for.  However, some visual learners actually do remember the color of the book over anything else!

5. Donate all books to any of these places: Goodwill www.goodwill.org, your favorite local thrift store, or the local public library. (Also come back here tomorrow for global options)

Get all of your entertainment donations dropped off before next Friday!  Because we're moving on to something else!

De-clutter and love your home again!

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