One thing a day

Perhaps the "50 things" approach is too overwhelming to you and therefore not your declutter style. 

Maybe the one thing a day approach is more your style.  I recently read about how someone had created a blog that was dedicated to photographing the one thing he got rid of every single day.  Today I can not find that blog.  Whatever.

Who doesn't have time to get rid of one thing every single day?  In one month your house will be 30 items lighter.  In one year your house will be 365 items lighter and you won't even notice it's been happening when it comes to the time issue.
Source: via Laura on Pinterest
Part of the success key here is creating a home for the "get rid of" items.  If you plan to donate most things then create a donate box/bin/tub and mark it as such.  Decide where you will donate items to.  Knowing where your items are going to land often helps people separate themselves from the item.

You don't have to have a set plan as to where you will even start.  Look around where you are sitting right now.  Is there something you see you no longer love, something that weighs you down, makes you feel bad about yourself or is just sitting there taking up space?  I'm not talking about your husband (that was a joke hahahaha...seriously, I'm not talking him).  Are you looking at the business card that's been sitting by your computer screen that you don't really need?  Toss it.  Are you looking at the shirt in your closet that you try to ignore because you feel frumpy in it?  Donate it.  Are you looking at that vase your grandmother gave you that you think is super ugly?  Pass it on! 

That's it, you're done for the day.  Unless you want to take a picture of it and post it on your own blog.  Or tweet about it.  Or facebook it.  If you think going public will hinder what you get rid of, then just keep it to yourself.  However, feel free to tell us at Simply Organized if you're taking this challenge.  You can leave a comment on our facebook page about what you got rid of on any given day, or every day.  Maybe Fridays will be "What I got rid of this week" on this blog and I can share with you what I got rid of.

This week I put some clothes in the "to be consigned" tub.  It's half full and I find it very exciting.

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