I'm throwin' it out!

Well, maybe not throwing it out.  

I picked up Throw Out Fifty Things by Gail Blanke at the library yesterday.  After the intro and first chapter I was motivated but didn't have time to get started, and it's a good thing I didn't get started mid-day.

The idea is to make a goal to throw out 50 things, which at first sounded like a lot to me considering I'd just threw some stuff together for a benefit garage sale.  But the first room to get started on was the bedroom which always gets neglected.  So I knew it would be easy to find 50 things.  

Gail Blanke's "Rules of disengagement" are: If IT weighs you down or makes you feel bad about yourself, or if it just sits there taking up room and contributing nothing positive, it goes out.  If you're spending a lot of time deciding whether to keep or toss it, IT goes out.

After her first chapter on "Your Bedroom" I realized I'd be looking at every space in my room, including my closet.  I was excited, however I was not prepared for how long this would take me.  Silly me!  I am a Professional Organizer so of course I got completely detailed and also worked on organization solutions.  Part of what took me so long was trying on so many clothes.  But if I was really going to do this, then I needed to do it full-throttle and that meant trying on clothes I'd hoped would fit.  

I am tired but I am happy. I FEEL FREE!  My room is more restful and my closet is less cluttered which means I feel more organized.  I also know that everything in my closet fits me.  And I know that I like everything in there.  I ran out of time to thoroughly go through my book case.  I also forgot to go through the one drawer in my nightstand.  

Now, if I can get my husband to go through his stuff that would be GREAT!  When I just went in to tell him I had finished and how great I feel he listened and said, "Great, I'm glad you feel good about it."  Then I preceeded to talk about the process.  I finally noticed the "sweet" look he was giving me.  Translated:  I am glad you are happy but I could care less about your process, can I go back to my reading?  I caught on to the look and said, "I love you anyway!"

I had intended to keep a list of my 50 things like the author suggests.  But I soon realized I wouldn't need to.  Here's my list:
1 full bag of trash
1 full bag to goodwill
1 full bag to family
2 books + 2 CDs listed on half.com
Problem solved quite a few issues and moved a few things around.

Tonight I will be reading Chapter 2: Your Bathroom.  Now, I think it will also be easy to find 50 things to "throw" out.  The good news: smaller room + no clothes to try on.  That means it should take me less time!    

Why don't you join me?  Start anywhere.  Find 50 things to get rid of and post a comment here to tell me!  

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