Two great resources!

Never miss a Birthday by registering at

You'll simply enter birthdays you want to remember, then select a card for each one.  As their big day approaches, Jack Cards mails you a card (prices start at a reasonable $2.50).  Just stamp and send.

No kidding!

Another resource that might assist you has to do with tidying your to-do list!  Sign up for a free account at  It's simple interface lets you list all your tasks along with a priority level. The site will then send you reminders - "carpool to YMCA at 4 pm" - via e-mail, IM or text message.

No kidding!


Bowie Bunch said...


I just saw your comment over on the label I thought I'd come check out your blog! I was so happy & surprised that you featured me!! Thank you so much! :)


Holly said...

My pleasure!

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