The feel-good guide to letting go of all that stuff!

I recently read a great article with that title.  It was in the April 2011 issue of Cooking Light, in the Healthy Living section. I simply can't find the article online to share it with you in full.  If you have this issue dig it out and read it on page 76.  It's not very long but it's good.  And it's helpful.

The article quotes Gail Blanke, the author of Throw Out Fifty Things.   I did a post on it here.  

"The idea of spring cleaning is really about lightening up and moving forward...If someone is connected to a memory, person, or belief that makes you feel bad about yourself, it's gotta go.  If it takes up room and doesn't add anything, it's gotta go.  It you have to think too hard about whether to keep it or not, it's gotta go...Almost everything you toss out will have an emotional reward when you let it go."

Seroiusly...Almost everything you toss out will have an emotional reward when you let it go. 

Kate Meyers, the author of said article, suggests if you have trouble letting go of something, picture someone else using what you don't need - share the wealth.

And the deeper reward of letting go of stuff is the lightening of your psychological space.  De-cluttering gives you confidence and energy for letting go of emotional clutter (i.e. grudges).  It's a part of healthy living.

I apologize for not being able to post a link to the article.  However, you can get your hands on this book.  It's great and will probably inspire you!

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