Smarter Spaces Series - 10 to 14 years old

I know you can't believe I'm saying this but, lower your expectations about how organized the kids can keep their desks and their schoolwork.  If you can, place the desk in a spot in the child's bedroom in sight of the door, so you can check in discreetly.

That being said, establish a clean work space, with at least 4 drawers or compartmentalized shelves to corral the clutter.  This will hopefully help her stay on task, kids this age are highly distractible.  Use one drawer for basic supplies like pens and pencils, one drawer for technology like a camera and iPod, one drawer for stationery and paper, and drawer is a junk drawer.  Keep a clock near or on the desk.  Some say the clock should be analog because when you look at a digital clock, you're always in the present tense and you don't see time pass.

Your child needs to feel involved in the set up process if he's going to have a shot a maintaining the space.

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