making lunches

Are you making lunches for anyone in your family on a daily basis?

Here's a simple idea that might help.

  1. Get a smallish container of some kind you will store in the kitchen
  2. Grab various bags/boxes of chips, crackers, dried fruit, nuts etc.
  3. Grab "ziploc" snack bags and sandwich sized bags
  4. Fill the "ziploc" bags with 1 serving of the various foods you've assembled (step 2)
  5. Store your new food bags in the container (see step 1) and use the "ready to go" food bags in your daily lunches
Want to go a step further?

Set up a lunch making station.  Stock it with plasticware, napkins, "ziploc" bags just for lunches, and your home-made ready-to-go food bags.  Stock it with any other convenience foods designated for lunches (single servings of applesauce etc.) Don't forget to stock it with paper and a pen for writing sweet notes to your loved ones!

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