Hot tips for August

by Becca Clark
#1. Before you begin any organizing job first spend a few minutes visualizing how you want the space to look and feel. How will others perceive it? Will everything work and be easy to clean and maintain? Does it serve the purpose you intend - not someone else's idea of how it should be? Once you are very clear, then begin to organize.

#2. Keep it SMALL. Organize one manageable area at a time so you'll see substantial progress and not get overwhelmed.

#3. Do not underestimate the power of labels - they are not just for elementary schools. Research shows that most people will return items to their proper place when labeled, and, interestingly, hardly anyone will put the wrong item into a labeled space. Families, office co-workers, churches, or any other group that shares space can use this technique to help everyone keep stuff where it belongs.

#4. Most importantly, my mantra is: be only as organized as you need to be. The goal is not to have a home or office that is a monument to sparkling perfection and symmetry, but rather to make your stuff accessible, attractive, and easy to care for. Your possessions are there to support your lifestyle, not to be your life.

Thanks Becca!

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