Teach your child how to organize

Teach your child how to organize

Have you ever sent your child into their room with the instructions, “Clean up your messy closet now!” Your child returns, much quicker than expected, declaring their closet clean! You go to inspect and sure enough their closet really is clean but as you leave you see a huge pile corner. You child simply moved their stuff from one place to the other.

As a parent it is your responsibility to show your kids how to organize and to provide the necessary containers for sorting.

A recent study (Office Depot) shows that 71% of parents consider themselves “not very organized” in balancing family, work, and social duties. For some the task is easy.

Perhaps you need to spend time together working on the organization project. And spend some time explaining what you are doing and why you are choosing to put what where. Keep your child focused, reminding them this is not play time. Once the two of you develop a system, work on it continually. Having the child help you ensures they know where things are suppose to go. There’s no room for them to say, “but I don’t know where it goes”.

Organization eliminates much of life’s stress and confusion. Teaching your child how to organize is a skill – not only for the present – but a lesson that can affect their future.

*I believe this information came from DebtProofLiving.com

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