Shopping receipts

Today I needed to return something.  I purchased the item in October.  Where was the receipt?  I didn't have to weed through piles of receipts.  I didn't have to worry if I threw it away.  I just went and got it!  My secret?
It's a simple accordian file, envelope size.  I put receipts from my shopping trips in here. There's an empty space in the back and I put my Christmas present shopping receipts there.  That's it.  Most likely if you need to return something you bought it in the past few months.  There's no need to super organize these receipts.  Just keep it simple.
Drop your receipts in here after each shopping trip.

*If this is a big purchase which you will be keeping warranty info, then attach the receipt to the warranty booklet and file that where you store like documents.

1 comment:

dandi mae said...

Love this idea!!!! I'm going to implement it right away!

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