Organizing your "needs action" papers

When Clever Container came out with their "Panic No More!" filing system I was so excited.  The most common messy issue I see in homes is paper.  Panic No More was designed to handle the ebb and flow of daily paper.  It's not a permanent storage system.  These files were created to be emptied and addressed every single day.

The Panic No More System comes with 25 color-coded folders, 25 peel and stick file labels, 6 labeled tabs and hanging file folders, and instructions.  It is quick and easy to assemble all of these supplies.  It costs $23.

After throwing away all the junk mail, and separating your catalogs and magazines you're ready to use this system.  Look through your piles a little bit and take note of what's actually there.  Here is how Clever Container's Panic No More system works.

Throw away anything you no longer need each time you touch something.

Panic No More (pink) which includes five categories ("Call" is hiding in this photo).  

Pay: put your bills in here, you could include some dividers numbered 1-31, and drop your bills in by date.

Important: Things that need attention: permission slips, checking something online, forms to make copies of etc.
Call: (or any correspondence: Doctor appointments to be made, the seamstress,etc., keep a to do list in here so you always know who you need to call.), or change this to a ToDo,
Newsletter: or if you blog and run a few facebook pages, this is a good place to store ideas.  If you send out a regular mailing, like through mailchimp, this is a great place to keep an outline of the topics you want to cover.

Funny Money (green)
Coupons: great place to keep them until you can “process” them.
Coupons Non-Grocery: Ulta, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and such go here.
UPC/Rebates: this is a good place to store box tops for education inside a baggie or envelope.
Gift Cards/certificates: also great for groupons and such.
Receipts: Use this file weekly.  Store your receipts here until you "process" them.
Food For Tho
ught (orange)
Meal Planning: Temporary place to keep this week’s recipes and plan here.
Shopping List: Keep your shopping list in here so everyone knows where it is.  This is also a great place to keep separate and specific shopping lists: Amazon, Melaleuca, Sams, Health Food Store etc.
Recipes: Store next week’s ideas or recipes you just clipped.  But this is temporary and these recipes need to be processed into your longer term storage.
Memories (purple)
Cards: Is it worth keeping and to file it?  Love it, use it or lose it.  Keeping a card you received you wish to reply to goes here.
Letters: If you need to take action in response file it here.
Photos: Store here before you put away in a memory box etc.
Now, this is where's I'd change it up. I'd actually just make one file for each of my kids as that seems to be the memory type stuff that lands in a pile.
Medical (blue)
Primary: Scripts, referrals, claim info - keep here until this claim is closed.
Dentist: This is a great place to store your treatment plan.
Vision: Keep your scripts and Doc contact info here too.
Prescriptions: Forms you have to mail, coupons for a pharmacy can go here and it's a great place to keep drug fact sheets here. Script refill information should go here as well.
Flexible Spending: Store forms and receipts for flex spending here.
Further Action (gray)
To be filed: anything that needs to go to permanent storage, Schedule time on your calendar to file or this folder will be out of control. report cards,
Phone Numbers: contact info you plan to keep and need to put into permanent storage can go here. you can also keep a hard copy of Doctor's contacts etc. here.
To Send: What goes out: bills, invites, what’s ready to go to the post office, or cards that just need addresses etc.  

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