Neo To Go, Ivory Soap, Avon ANEW, Gelato, Puffs, Shell savings they fit in a Simply Organized life?

As a blogger I get the opportunity to try out products on occasion.  Also as a blogger my perspective is from an organized and simplicity one.  Recently I was sent a nice package full of products to try and I was asked to blog my opinion about them.  It was a random box of stuff from Influenster.   See?

 Neo To Go - unfortunately we got a chance to use this immediately
Pros: Compact, convenient, fits on a key chain or in your purse
Cons: none
Verdict: Awesome.  It didn't sting her boo-boo
Simple/Organized: YES!  A must especially if you have kiddos
 Looky!  Her bandage matches her shoes!
 Breyer's Gelato Indulgences:
Pros: Convenient yet fancy dessert
Cons: Expensive: $4.49-$5.99 per container
Verdict: AMAZING!  All four of us loved this and we want more.
Simple/Organized: Simple!  It's an easy way to share a fancy dessert that tastes amazing without turning on the oven or piling in the car to go some where.  While it's expensive compared to a cheap tub of ice cream it's cheaper than going out for gelato.

Ivory Bar Soap
Pros: It's cheap and it floats
Cons: It's bar soap
Verdict: It's good soap
Simple/Organized: Simple esp. for kids' baths because it floats.  Organized because soap bars are nice and rectangle and store well.  

AVON Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother
Pros: Nice slim compact, it's silky smooth (Through 8/1/14 receive 15% off your ANEW purchase of $50 or more at with code ANEW15).
Cons: An additional step in a make-up routine
Verdict: I think it works.  I don't really have a lot to smooth out.  I don't have a lot of fine lines.  It does feel nice on the face but I won't be using it. I don't have time to add another product to my face.  
Simple/Organized: If you are streamlining the amount of products you use daily this does not make it more simple.  However, it is a nice square compact so it doesn't take up awkward space.  

Puffs To Go
Pros: Convenient and soft
Cons: none
Verdict: Hallelujah!
Simple/Organized: Both!  

Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card
Pros: Save 3 cents at the pump minimum, sign up was simple.
Cons: There's a lot more savings to be had but I simply don't have time to read it and learn it right now.
Verdict: Who doesn't love saving money on gas?!
Simple/Organized: Shell has a gas station super close to me so this actually makes saving simple for me.  When fill up you swipe your rewards card first, just like you would at Sams club.  The screen shows you your rewards (3 cents off), then when you choose your type of gas you can also see that the price you are pumping is actually 3 cents less than the listed price on the sign.  Please use this link to register.

I saved an extra $.50 per gallon today!
When you register a Mastercard and use it to buy gas you get a $.50 cents per gallon reduction the second time you use that Mastercard!  How fantastic is that?!  This card is worth it just for that one-time reward!  Sign up today with this link!

Thank you Influenster for giving us this wonderful TLCVoxBox of fun!  I enjoyed trying them and sharing my honest opinion.

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