Food on the table month after month - the simple way!

I can't sit on this any longer...I'm so excited to introduce you to 
After checking out the details of WHAT Simply Dinners is, let me spell out for you just some of the benefits of this program.  

What are the benefits of Simply Dinners?

- No more stressing about dinner! Did you know that 81% of working parents don’t know what’s for dinner by 4:00 PM? Simply Dinners solves this daily stress!
- You’ll save money! Say goodbye to those last minute fast food, pizza shop and grocery store trips! The savings just might astound you!
- Your family’s taste buds will jump for joy! If you’ve become bored with your cooking, chances are your family might be bored eating it!!
- You’re going to enjoy preparing these meals! Whether you love or hate cooking, these recipes will be a joy to prepare and will be super simple!
- You won’t be without our seasonings! Each month you will receive at least one seasoning and they will be restocked in future “Simply Dinner” deliveries. These are an essential kitchen staple that our clients can’t be without!
- You will build a library of easy-to-prepare meals! You will have simple, family favorite recipes at your fingertips!
- You’ll be bringing your family to the dinner table! Memories will be built as you enjoy your “Simply Dinners!” Don’t forget the fun table topics provided monthly!

And guess what?  You deal directly with me - your friendly Holly!  

Here are the 1-2-3 basics:

1 - On the 25th I process your credit card payment.
2 - On the 25th I place your order
3 - On the 1st of the month I email your newsletter which includes:
  • 8-10 easy-to-prepare recipes, 
  • a shopping list, 
  • quick cooking tips and 
  • family table topics to make your dinners delicious, simple and fun!
Get started today!

Email me or call me (number listed in blog heading) to let me know you are interested and supply delivery and payment information by April 24 (I'm extending the deadline one day).  Don't forget that the cost never exceeds $50, unless you order additional items to be delivered with your month's order.

I love helping families make life more simple!  

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