Tastefully Tuesday: My menu plan and a Beef Slider recipe

I have been cooking for 20 years.  I should say I have been following recipes for that long.  I just can't fly by the seat of my pants in the kitchen.  I'm too frugal to handle a meal that doesn't go well.  I'm too much of a rule follower and I'm not confident enough in the kitchen to think I can do it better than what the recipe maker did.

One meal that so many people say is a no-brainer for them is burgers.  But I have never figured out a good binder/filler/ground meat combination.  Until this weekend!  So, here's a slider recipe I tweaked to use what I had on hand that worked out perfectly.

Garlic Merlot Sliders
1# ground meat (I used beef)
1 T Merlot Sauce
1 T Garlic Garlic (I used Seasoned Salt because I was out of GG)
1 egg
1 T Onion Onion (I omitted, I hate onion)
1/2 C bread crumbs
*I also added some small bacon pieces.

You just make little patties and grill them.  I used the George Foreman.  I also found some cute wheat slider buns at Walmart made by Sara Lee.  

With this recipe I now know the right ratio of egg, bead crumbs, sauce and seasonings that will work.  

All of the meals on this week's menu are from my Tastefully Simple Freezer Meal workshop.  So I have very little worry this week when it comes to supper.  Yay!  

What's on your menu this week?

*I am a consultant with Tastefully Simple and a portion of what you purchase through my links goes into my pockets.  Thanks for your support as I aim to help you live more simply.  
**Garlic Merlot Slider recipe is from Eve Gordon Burch

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