Are you a craft supplies junkie?

"The problem comes, though, when the project supplies pile so high that I couldn't use them up in a year (or more!), even if making things was my full-time job. For a few years now I've been trying to turn the tide - challenging myself to start with what I have, using more of what I have than new things I bring into the house. It's been helpful to remember that the books, ideas and supplies on my shelves were yesterday's tempting, newest great idea that I just had to have. Have I taken time to enjoy it? Rather than another trip to the craft store, why not use one of those fabulously amazing ideas that I already have? When I do this, I find that I have what I need already on my shelves - often some really lovely supplies!"
What are your indulgent things?

Try enjoying what you already have: read your unread books, wear the clothes and shoes in your closet, use up your craft supplies.  play a game off your shelf with your friends or family.  Try cooking from your pantry for a week without going to the store.

Excerpt from Free - Spending Time and Money on What Matters Most by Mark Scandrette

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