De-clutter with Craig's List and a new attitude.

As a Professional Organizer who stands in rooms full to the gills I know how hard it is for people to get rid of stuff that they think could bring them money.  Most of the time the cost of a fresh start is in letting go, quickly, of the excess.  It's a mental shift from guilt to freedom but it's most quickly achieved by gaining empty space!

I recently read this great article full of tips on how to successfully sell items on Craig's List.  Perhaps, this could be a first step of de-cluttering.  You could set aside that money to use toward hiring a Professional Organizer so she can help you set up systems to start your new life focused on simple and intentional living.

And another excerpt from an email from UnClutterer I'd like to share with you speaks so much truth:
Sometimes people get held up by trying to find the absolute best home for everything they are purging. This can make sense if you have a small number of items, or some very special things. But, if you’re doing a major uncluttering project, you may want to cut yourself some slack. Instead of looking at each item of clothing and figuring out if you know anyone who’d like it, take those 9 bags to Goodwill or a local charity’s thrift shop.
If your resolution this year is to get organized, an attitude shift will really help.  Good luck.  And we are here if you need help, whether it's a full house re-do or a jump start!

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