Six steps to a better morning

1. Institute "pick up time" for the whole family one hour before bedtime.  Set a goal to either pick up for 15 minutes or until the living room or bathroom or bedroom is clean.

2. When you clean up from supper set up for breakfast.

3. Prepare meals for the next day.  This may simply be mental preparation.  Even just having a plan for tomorrow's meals puts you ahead of the game.  If you can prepare lunches then do that, if you can't totally prepare them, know what you will eat and if you have what you need on hand.

4. Look at your calendar - don't just think you know what tomorrow looks like - really check out your calendar so you don't miss something.

5. Decide what to wear for tomorrow.

6. Set your alarm to be up before everyone else even if it's just for 15 minutes.

1 comment:

SuperCutePetContest said...

Those are really good tips! I find that if I follow the same routine each evening, the morning routine is much easier!

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