Choose your donation site before you de-clutter

It's hard for so many people to let go of their excess even if they really, really want to.  One key is to choose where your donate items will land.  Knowing their new home helps us separate ourselves from the item.

I chose Potter's House on Drake St. in Fayetteville for many reasons.  I suggest finding a non-profit who tugs on your heart or whom you've learned to respect.
Potter's House is more than a thrift store.  They help our community with  job training.  Their profits go to support Potter's House Kids.  And they are resourceful with your stuff.  When I had the chance to interview the folks who run this ministry they said they always have too many clothes.  One thing they are able to do with clothes that can not sell (holes & stains) is they have a resource where they can ship these items and they are turned into rags to be reused.  I love that!  They think big globally and green and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and learning about this ministry.

They are one of the few people who will come out and get your stuff if you've got a lot.

I rest easy dropping of our client's and my own donated items.  I know they will be turned into great resources for my community.
Potter's House is open Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Show up anytime they are open and drop off your used goods.  

Find them on facebook here.  

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