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I've been a bit MIA lately and there are a lot of reasons for that.  

One is that blogging takes time, who knew?!  I have been wearing a lot of hats lately, probably like you: Wife, Mom, Church leader, Professional Organizer, senior Clever Container consultant, Tastefully Simple consultant, and Data Collector for UAMS currently focused on research for the USDA.  I hope I am not forgetting something.  

While my plate has been so full I have struggled to find balance and my personal home organization is suffering.  So I decided to add something else to my schedule.  What?!  I know full well that investing time in getting my home back in shape will help in all areas of my life.  However, I kept putting it on the back burner, much like my friend Jackie over at Creative Outpour.  So, when she approached me about a project, we ended up with an organizing - blogging - accountability challenge.

What will happen?

We are each independently working on our homes one space at a time.  And we're letting you in on it to show you how we're doing it.  We will likely attack our spaces at different paces.  We are wired differently and our focus will be different.  We will likely approach the organizing process differently.

Regardless of how different our styles might be, we are both so ready for more peace and clarity that comes from a more organized home.

So, who is Jacqueline?  She is a Mom of two, just like me.  She is the founder of Creative Outpour where, you guessed it, she pours out her creativity on her blog.  Like you and me she wears a lot of hats and it's a challenge to balance it all.

So, come back every Thursday. I'll share with you what I've worked on this week.  And then you can go to Creative Outpour and see what she worked on this week.  It'll be fun.  It'll be honest.  And why not join us?  Start working on your own "clutter traps" as Jacqueline puts it.

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