How to organize your receipts

I worked more on my desk area this week.  Little by little folks...that's one way to do it.  When you can't dedicate a big chunk of time, you break the big problem into small ones.  Simply see what's not working and try something you think will work. I have been having a receipt issue.  So I decided I need to sort my receipts better until I sit down once a week to itemize and such.  btw, I am not a photographer!
I started with these small Drawer Dividers.  They are a great length for receipts.  I got them from CleverHolly. They are in the closet section and are $10 for a pack of 3.  Here is what they look like once you quickly assemble them (they arrive flat).  (I also bought the bronze looking expandable pantry shelf for my can find it in the kitchen section at CleverHolly.)
Let me inform you that I am not crafty.  But I am a washi tape freak all of a sudden.  You should see my washi pinterest board!   So, I put a different style of washi tape on the end of my boxes.  
Then I labeled them for the receipts I need to tend to.  But I didn't like the way they looked with the plain label.
So, I used these crafty looking labels I already had and now I think it looks better.  

Isn't that totally fun?  Like I said, I am not a crafter and I did this super fast so it's not perfect.  But in 15 minutes I have a whole new and really cute system!

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