How to always find your wallet and keys

Are you having panic attacks at the cash register because you can't find your wallet?  

How long have you had your wallet?  I have never in my life spent so much on a wallet as I did in 1992.  I bought a small real leather Fossil brand wallet for probably $30ish.  That was like $100 to me back then and I felt kind of bad about spending that much money on it.

I chose it before I owned a single credit card and debit cards were non-existent.  It was the wisest choice I ever made and I totally got my money's worth.  I have used this little black wallet for 20 years.

20 years.

That's a kid's entire school career.

It's outlasted many marriages and endured my one.

The only sign of wear is from the dog we had briefly. She chewed a little bit of it but I caught her before the damage was too terrible. I am dead serious that it's almost the only sign of wear.  Even the snap works fine.

After all these years I'm saying goodbye, at least for now.  As a Mom of two with four "side" jobs I am frustrated because I can never find my wallet.  It is ALWAYS in my purse but there's a lot of other stuff in there and this little black thing gets lost...even though I purposely buy purses that are not lined in black so I can find it.
Lately my semi-disorganized purse has been bugging the fire out of me.  I can't take another false freakout at the check-out register.

My friend Amanda at 31 showed me her wallet and I gasped out loud because it was exactly what I was looking for.  I ordered it and got it in about a week.
I chose this fun fabric design because I knew it would be easy to find even if the inside of my future purses were black.  So, here's two pockets with zippers on the outside which is perfect for change.  Guess what?  My iphone covered in an otterbox can actually fit inside the top zipper pocket.  I can not zip it in, but it fits there nice and snug.
On the inside, both sides have zippered compartments.  Underneath each of them is another pocket!  My otterboxed phone can also tuck inside one of these pockets and the wallet can button.
I am mostly loving that I have the perfect temporary spot for receipts!  Seriously, this was a big messy issue in my purse until now!

What about standing in everyone's way at the store's doorway as you search for your keys?

To solve the panic of not finding my keys which are also always in my purse, I bought an inexpensive key fob from my friend.  Not only can I find my keys quickly, this polka-dot cutie envelopes my wrist easily when I need to use my hands!   And the fashion bonus is that these two patterns complement each other and I hadn't even thought of that.  It's also very lightweight and I don't notice it when my keys are in the ignition.

How do you keep your purse organized and panic-free?

Here's my 31 wallet style and fabric choice which you can get from Amanda:

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