Six tips to staying productive

Do the worst thing

We have a limited, depleted supply of willpower and resources so do the worst thing on your to do list first.  Putting off the dreaded item saps your strength and distracts you from being fully present with every task you perform because you are stressing over the worst thing that you don't want to do.  Also, checking it off the list makes you feel super productive, free, and full of energy.

Evaluate your day

At 2 pm every day, assess how much you've accomplished, remind yourself of what's critical, and alter your plan so you can tackle the most important thing.  If you wait until 5 pm to evaluate your day you're out of time and in panic mode.

Break it up

With specific jobs I break it up into smaller jobs.  If you have 10 boxes to declutter, just start with one and make that your first goal.  Don't focus on perfection, be honest about how good of a job you need to do to accomplish the goal, and focus on what is good enough.

Be accountable

Ask a friend to join you on your journey.  Either you both work on your own clutter jobs and agree to check in on each other.  Or ask an organized person to keep you accountable by checking in on you.  Fear of letting someone else down might be the perfect motivator.

Set a timer

Sometimes people just need a timer to keep them on task.  Knowing you only have 15 minutes to socially  network your business will keep you focused and productive.

Stay on target

Don't multi-task.  Focus on getting the job done and be intentional about it.

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