A year of decluttering - 30 minutes.

Okay, it's a beautiful weekend.  If you're not organizing your garage or running your garage sale you want to be outside don't you?  This week's challenge of decluttering leaves you with

  1. Three 5 minute jobs.
  2. Three 10 minute jobs.
  3. Three 30 minute jobs.  
You can do this.

Use 5 minutes to
  1. Start donation container.  
  2. Pick up one room.
  3. Bring in stuff from the car.
Use 10 minutes to
  1. Clean out your email.
  2. Organize your junk drawer.
  3. Organize your wallet.
Use 30 minutes to
  1. Clean out your medicine cabinet.
  2. Clean out your refrigerator.
  3. Organize a dresser drawer.

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