Tricks to conquer the kids' rooms

Get your children's input 

From designing their own storage systems to the placement of clothing.  They will be more invested in using them and putting things away where they belong.

Use varying color containers

My now six year old has always known that the green box is the ball box.  The pink box is the barbie box.  She didn't have to read to know where these items belong!

Install over-the-door shoe storage

If you've been a Simply Organized reader for long you know how much I use these!  They are wonderful for toys like stuffed animals and dolls.  The long pocket type is excellent for barbies.

Make it simple

By following the first step your child will likely have simple ideas.  And the bonus is also that the things they love to play with and use will be within reach.  

It's vital you let them take the lead as it will be more likely they will follow their own plan.  And they are learning a vital life-long skill.  Step back and simply guide and make suggestions and don't forget to praise good ideas.  If you know something won't work and they insist on their way, tell them you're willing to give it a try but if such and such is always found not put away then you both agree to try your suggestion; give them a week.

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