Kid's stuff! -A Year of Decluttering

I found such an incredible article today I had to share it with you immediately!

Small kids can't read. Older kids are in a hurry to clean up so they don't read.  These are reasons why it's so much better to make labels with photos of what tubs and baskets contain for our little ones. 

Jen at I Heart Organizing went over the top fabulous with how she did it.  Click the link to read her entire post about it.
This type of basket makes it possible to mount this frame on it.  Actually framing the label makes it look super pretty. 
Most of us don't have a team helping us pull off something like this.  We don't have the time to buy frames, stain them, and screw them into the baskets we spend more time shopping for.  We're not organized enough to get it done.  I am in no way bashing this post.  I ADORE this idea.  I think it's so useful and ideal. 

My point is you can do part of what she did.  You can quickly look online for images of the toys you are containing, print off that image on cardstock or whatever and have it laminated at Office Depot.  Or you could make these labels smaller than this and use clear packing tape to adhere to your container.  You could outline the paper with a black sharpie to make a scrapbooky kind of "frame".  You can layer the printed image onto pretty scrapbook paper before taping it to the container. 

Just make it as simple as you need.  While this is SUPERB, it's better to do your own simple version within your time constraints than to not label at all.

Now, your focus this week is sorting and de-cluttering your kids' toys.  Ask your little one to find their top 5 favorite toys. Assign a value to these top 5 favorites, like a 10.  For all toys have your kid assign a value based on a 1 to 10 scale.  This will help you and them figure out what toys have to leave the house.  Create a goal of a set number of toys to leave (20?).  Let your kids choose the 20 that are leaving.  They need this sense of control because it's hard enough for them to let go.  Give your kid some kind of reward for each item over the numbered goal he gets rid of.  He needs positive feedback. 

Now, label these containers!  It doesn't have to be a perfect label.  I love to use chalkboard labels with a chalk pen.  Draw a photo instead of writing words if you can.  If your child can read and you only have time to write, then do it.   
Done is better than perfect!  

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