Where to donate - sports equipment

from Getting Organized Magazine

Sports Gift
What they do: Provide sports programs and equipment to impoverished and disadvantaged children throughout the world
What they need: A wide variety of sports equipment; see website for details
One World Running
What they do: Provide running shoes to those in need in the US and throughout the world
What they need: New and near-new running shoes
Bikes for the World
What they do: Donate bicycles to developing countries, so that individuals can get to work or school, or provide health and education services to low-income rural people
What they need: Any serviceable adult or children’s bicycles, as well as bike parts, tools, and accessories
Bicycles for Humanity
What they do: Send bicycles to developing countries, to empower disadvantaged people through improved access to food and water, employment, healthcare, education and social opportunities
What they need: Bicycles, as well as bike parts, tools, clothing, helmets, tires, and tubes
Opportunity Through Baseball
What they do: Provide baseball equipment to impoverished children in the Dominican Republic and around the world
What they need: Baseballs, gloves, mitts, batts, helmets, and more
What they do: Distribute soccer supplies to communities in need, to empower youth and maximize hope
What they need: Soccer gear like balls, shoes, jerseys, shorts, and socks

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