12 months of decluttering

It's beautiful weather here in NWA.  You don't want to work another day inside do you?  How perfect that your next de-clutter challenge is your yard!

Gather children's toys or games and store them all in one place.  Your garage or storage shed is best but we don't all have those...or they need to be de-cluttered first don't they?  Next week maybe?

Grab a wagon or wheel barrow and walk your yard.  Fill it with trash and anything that doesn't belong.  Pick up anything you wouldn't want to mow over.  Put this stuff where it belongs.

Next inspect your garden pots.  If you have not planted anything in them yet and you left them out all winter put them away in a garage or all in one spot.

Take a good look at the tired and old swing set and the scary looking trampoline.  Are they safe?  Are they used?  If not, disassemble them and call your trash company or city and ask for the proper way to dispose of these.

Clean any good and usable furniture.

Clean off your patio or deck.  Use a power washer on these and your house if you can get your hands on one.  You'll be surprised how awesomely new everything will look!

Clean out your flower and garden beds so they are ready for planting!

Make a list of the projects you see that needs done: edging, planting this there and that here, mulching, trimming, etc.

Don't you dare forget to wear your sunscreen!

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