Where to donate - Baby & Children's Items

from Getting Organized Magazine

Project Night Night
What they do: Reduce the trauma of homeless children with Night Night Packages of childhood comforts
What they need: Stuffed animals, blankets, and children’s books
SAFE (Stuffed Animals for Emergencies)
What they do: Collect items to give to children in emotional, traumatic, or stressful situations (like fires, illness, abuse, homelessness, and natural disasters)
What they need: New or gently-used stuffed animals
Loving Hugs
What they do: Send stuffed animals to children living in war zones, refugee camps, orphanages, hospitals, and natural disaster areas
What they need: New or very gently-used stuffed animals
Project Smile
What they do: Provide emergency responders with children’s comfort items, to help ease their pain and fear
What they need: New or gently-used stuffed animals, children’s books, unused coloring books, new crayons
Newborns in Need
What they do: Provide care necessities to local agencies and hospitals serving premature, ill, or impoverished newborns
What they need: Baby clothing, toys, and other items; also fabric, yarn, thread, and other supplies
Touching Little Lives
What they do: Provide necessity items to needy infants in Ohio
What they need: Baby clothing, booties, toys, blankets and other items; also flannel, thread, batting, and yarn
Ronald McDonald House
What they do: Provide a “home-away-from-home” for families so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little or no cost
What they need: New toys, food, and household products; see website for details

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