De-Cluttering in February - Part 2

People love becoming organized and being de-cluttered because it helps them meet the opportunities that arise on their doorstep.  

For a week now we have been finishing up our "work" 30 minutes early.  This has allowed us to clean up our desk and put everything away.  It has helped us regroup.  It has helped us be more productive and less stressed when we approach our work space every day.  

We've also cleaned out our office supplies and have more space and less junk which allows us to be more clear minded.  

Monday, February 13 is "Clean out your computer day."  So let's get a jump start on cleaning some things out and on Monday, let's start some new habits.

1. Let's start with the big picture.  Just as I would suggest a smart, common sense filing system for your papers, do the same on your computer.  Create file folders then drag and drop or copy and paste documents into them.    

2. Create a "pending file" or a "working folder" on your desktop for items you are currently working on.  You can access this quickly and easily.  Once you have completed the project, follow step 1.

3. Because our computers have massive amounts of storage space our computers become a dumping ground for all kinds of out dated and no longer useful documents.
  • Delete any old drafts that you don't need or have been revised.
  • Delete file folders that are empty or irrelevant.
  • Delete files that are duplicates.  Keep for eyes open for duplicate files under different names.
  • Dump old files.
4. If you need to keep documents for legal reasons either:
  • Print them out and file them.
  • Create a special folder on your computer labeled "legal".
  • Back them up on a CD or external hard drive.
Set aside 15 minutes starting today to work on this list.  Do this for 15 minutes daily until you've cleaned out your computer.  You'll be surprised how quickly this goes and you'll love finding your documents quickly.  

After your computer is cleaned up, back it up.  Either use an external hard drive or an online service which is backed up automatically.

Next week we'll attack our email and bookmarks.  We'll finish up the month back at our desk creating zones.  

Have fun while de-cluttering!  Focus on how you want and will feel when you've reached a goal!  Get excited about your future productivity!

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