De-cluttering in Feb. Part 1

One reason people enjoy becoming organized and living without clutter is they feel more productive.  

In just two weeks we've de-cluttered our entertainment stuff.  We've let go of CDs we don't listen to and books we no longer read.  They are now being enjoyed by other people who like them as much as you did.  Great job!  Now, we're moving on...
Many of us work long hours at our desk. Whether we work for ourselves, or for someone else, our desks seem to be the receptacle for things we don’t have time to put away, or that simply do not have a home of its own in our workspace. So, in February, let’s focus on our desk space and organizing our hours. This is personally something I need to work on too.      

1. This weekend start by stopping the work day 30 minutes before “clocking out” to put away supplies, file loose papers, clear the desk etc.  Keep only essential desk items on the desk (e.g., tape, stapler, pens etc.) 

Once Monday rolls around implement this new policy at work.  If you don’t think you have time to “stop work” 30 minutes early, think again.  If you spend 30 minutes putting things away where they belong you will start a great habit.  That habit will turn into more productive minutes each day. 

I can't stress to you enough how we need minutes of time where we are simply thinking, not "doing". This new habit will give you time to reflect on the work you accomplished and the work you need to make progress on the next day.  And guess what? When you come into the office tomorrow, you’ll be able to spend your first few minutes prioritizing in a less stressful environment.  How does that sound? 

2. Do not start the work day by answering email. Instead prioritize the day with a “to do” list and start to work on taking care of the most important tasks.  If that involves checking for a specific email, add that specific “to do” to your list.

3. Keep only enough office supplies in your desk you need for only a month. You can always restock.  I can pretty much say that every single client we have worked with has had an incredible amount of pens. I quickly go through them, testing the pens, throwing out what doesn’t work and setting aside those that do.  Then I donate the majority because no one will use that many pens before they dry up.  It’s ridiculous.  Keep the pens you really like using, return the rest to the supply cabinet or donate them.  Keep your desk stock at a minimum. 

4. One last tip today is do not take back to your office every handout from every meeting unless it is pertinent to your job.  If you need the handout later, there’s bound to be a digital copy you can easily get your hands on.
Here's  to more productive minutes!

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