In the pantry with Pinterest

These metal containers are narrow enough they don't blog the shelves.  The labels make this work!  Love it!

The tag labels are what I like most about this pantry.  The stencil is distracting to me and I like containers you can see through in the pantry - the black wire baskets are good.  She's probably just using what she has on hand.  It's smart to use square/rectangle containers!

Nice labeling!  And the under the shelf dohicky is great!  Yes, I said "dohicky".

I really like these pull out contraptions.  Once I looked them up I was shocked that the one on the floor runs about $50. If you have the bucks, it's probably a good investment, at least if you need something that's 2-tiered.  You can get the same pull out effect on the shelves with a clear tub.  I'm also a big fan of the pockets on the back of the door.  See a cute pink one later in this post.


Fill this with beverage supplies.  Fill this with spices.  Fill this with cleaning supplies....hang it over your pantry door or nail it to the wall.

I dig this.  If you have to have your stuff out in site, this is creative and attractive to me.  I like that the cubbies are not super deep.  One of my faves.

These bins are awesome in the pantry!

Attractive isn't it?  Labeling is super important here.

A woman must have designed this!  (joking).  Brilliant!  If you have a pantry with a corner like this you could purchase some lazy susans.  It might be just about the same price to hire a "handyman" to install these.  Or better yet, if you locate this actual building product you might be able to do it yourself!

What a nice spice rack huh?  No more digging for the spice...unless your container is larger.  Would have been nice to have the bottom tiers adjusted for larger spice jars.  Further in the pantry, I like the containers on the middle row of the shelves, esp. with labels.  The containers on the floor aren't too bad either!

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