Inspiration Tuesday

Every day for a week take 10 minutes to go around your home and fill one bag with trash - old papers, torn and unusable clothing, out-of-date magazines, anything at all that you'd classify as garbage.  Fill another with items that you want out of your house.  Maybe you want to give them to a friend or family member or even to a charity.  If you want to sell items in a yard sale, or online, grab a third bag and fill it with those items.  Just a consistent 10 minutes a day is all this technique asks of you. Commit to this and you will see some significant changes. 
Do this every day for a week and you'll notice a huge difference.  Do it every day for a month and everyone else will notice a huge difference.  Do it every day for three months and you'll conquer the clutter in your home.
It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh

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