Rotating seasonal clothes

As the seasons change, close the door on messy closets once and for all.
  1. As you pack away your warm-weather clothes, set aside the items you didn't wear once this past summer.  Give the same treatment to garments coming out of summer storage.  Not likely to wear this winter?  Give it away.  Cold-weather wear is especially welcomed by clothing banks at this time of year. 
  2. Not sure about an item?  Keep it, but with the hanger turned backward over the closet rod.  In six months it will be easy to spot clothes that haven't been touched. If you're managing a household do this in everyone's closet.  
  3. Turn the rest of your closet's contents to face the same way.  And as your budget allows, replace mismatched hangers with all one style to give your closet a streamlined, orderly appearance. 
  4. Polish shoes and re-heel if necessary.  Protect dressy ones in their original boxes.  Label the container, or tape a photo of the pumps to it, so there's no question what's inside. 
  5. If you have accessories that go with only one getup, store them with that outfit.  Necklaces and bracelets around the hanger, pins and earrings attached to the collar.
Find great closet organization help here.

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