Kids paper clutter

Kids create a slew of clutter don't they?  And for many, each piece of paper they touch is proclaimed a masterpiece either by the artist or the artist's Mom.  Today let's talk about housing some of it.

In a recent kids playroom we of course started with sorting.  We found lots of notebooks, paper and projects that had either been completed or were in the works.

So we used a clear tub we had and labeled it notebooks.
 We used one clear tub for paper.
But the biggest issue seemed to be that projects in progress and finished items needed a home.  So, two more tubs were needed.  One labeled "Finished" and one labeled "In progress."
 Now comes maintenance.  See how full the notebook and paper tubs are?  There is no reason to bring anymore of either into the home!  If it does happen then you need to follow the "one in, one out" rule.  The "finished" tub needs to be culled from time to time.  In a dream world this tub is only temporary.  At least 90% of this stuff needs to end up in the recycle bin.

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