Kitchen Clean-Up class

Kitchen Clean-Up

In the Kitchen Clean-Up class, you’ll learn how to get the heart of your home back on track. With tips and Clever Container product ideas to tame the chaos on the counter, in the drawer, in the pantry, under the sink, and on the wall, you’ll soon rediscover the “Joy of Cooking” (both literally and figuratively)!
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I will not be re-organizing a host's pantry (BUMMER!)  but I will inspire you and your guests to do it and that means you're more likely to maintain it since you will be proud of the work you did!  

It's easiest to host this class in your own home but if you're not sure you want to host it there just let me know, we'll figure out a location together!  Email Holly at SimplyOrganizedNWA (at) gmail (dot) com!

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