"Imagine the life you want to live.  I cannot think of a sentence that has had more impact on the lives of the people I have worked with. Life is never perfect, but we all have unique visions of the lives we wish were ours. When clutter fills your home, not only does it block your space, but it also blocks your vision.  It has often seemed to me that people at some stage stop seeing the clutter - even when they can't see over it!  They move around it as though it were not there.  The first step takes you beyond the clutter, the mess, the lack of organization, to determine how it is you picture your place in the world.  It's a deceptively simple question and one that we seldom ask:  What is the life you want?  From this question flows a range of related questions that you need to seriously ponder.  In this imagined life, how do you spend your time?  How do you feel at home?  How do you interact with your family?  What do you accomplish in your home?  Do you see yourself as high-powered, successful, and on top of things?  Do you imagine a rich family life where everyone hangs out together?  Do you hope to one day find a perfect balance of work and home, of stimulation and calm?"

-Peter Walsh
It's All Too Much

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