De-clutter your closet

Take just ten minutes to riffle through the clothes in your closet to purge some initial pieces of clothing. 

  • What clothes have you not worn in who knows how long?
  • What do you have that’s 10 years old or older?
  • Are you keeping pieces that don’t fit, hang weird, or make you feel frumpy?
  • What about clothing gifts you’re keeping out of guilt? 
Get rid of 5 pieces right now, and start a trash bag that will eventually head for your favorite thrift store. Then think about it and set a goal: Do you want to get rid of more? Are you looking to simplify further, or replace all the pieces you discarded? Set a measurable goal for yourself, such as “eliminate twenty pieces in the next month” or “replace five black pieces with five colorful pieces.”  

If you have more items that you haven’t worn lately but aren’t sure about tossing, move them over to one section of the closet. You know the ones! Get them out of the way of your normal outfits, and see how often you reach back into that stack.

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