Quick tips for your living room

Enlist every family member in an effort to keep this space orderly.

  • Resist the urge to fill every inch with stuff.  A bit of empty space between objects on display and between furniture is visually appealing.
  • Tidy surfaces regularly.
  • Corral remote controls in a pretty box so they are not strewn about.
  • Limit the number of collections you display to one - anything more can quickly overtake the room, both physically and visually.
  • Stow magazine and books in a basket.
  • Provide a dedicated spot so family members can keep a few personal items on hand.
Every day put remotes back, clear surfaces, toss newspapers.

Once a week remove everything that doesn't have a permanent home.

Once a month edit down any collections or projects that have grown over the last four weeks.  Purge magazines and catalogs.

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