Eye-pleasing organizing inspiration

What I like:  1. I do this and I love it.  I like this under the bed idea.  I store my jammies in something similar under my bed because we do not have a dresser.  My side of the bed is also furthest from the closet.  This works GREAT for me!  2. Also, this is pretty and the top fabric protects what you're storing!  
What I like:  1. You can see the covers of your reading material.  2. This doesn't take up precious floor space in a tiny bedroom! 3.  The wall mounted lighting is so perfect for bed reading!
You'll either hate this or love this.  What I like: 1. So much storage!  If you're a book lover you'd probably love this. I think my husband would.  It's just pure function!  And it's so flexible. You can use it for so many different things...books, photos, blankets...whatever you want handy while you're in bed!
What I like: 1. I do something similar to this in my kitchen under the big window and I love it.  I have color-coordinated baskets underneath a long painted bench I found at a flea market.  My kitchen is very small without much storage so I store extra kitchen spices and seldom used small tools here.  However, since I've had children I now also store things like markers, coloring books, and playdoh here.  It's concealed yet accessible. 2.  I like this idea for these short walls.  No one ever knows how to use and maximize this space and this is a great idea! A step further: You could also turn those shutters upside and slide in some pretty notecards you've received (I have that on one of my walls) or photos.
This is just an ordinary cabinet/bookshelf that is repurposed in the bedroom!  What I like: 1. Some concealed storage.  2. Another way bookshelves are so versatile.  I've always thought they could make great storage for clothes in the bedroom!  Display pretty purses on top, use baskets to corral clothing, use a shelf with some pretty trays or plates for jewelry or small electronics. A step further: What about shoe storage?  You could use a bookshelf for lining up your shoes.  And most shelves are adjustable and could accommodate a tall space for tall boots!  And there are many ways to make it pretty (paint, fabric, doors).

P.S.  All of these photos were found at bhg.com!  

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