Organize one step at a time

Here's a quick step by step guide to help you keep focused when working on an organization project:

  1. Identify your storage needs.
  2. Take stock of what you have.
  3. Condense your collections.
  4. Clarify the role of every object.
  5. Contain.
How do you determine how to contain?
  1. Hide things that need to be protected or masked from view.
  2. Display items that double as decorative objects (hats on pegs, bath towels in a pretty basket)
  3. Built-ins are great but if you don't have them, equip closets with pegs, ledges, and freestanding storage units.
  4. Portable pieces like bookcases, carts and shelving units give you freedom and flexibility.
  5. Match the size of the container to the items to be stored, and use compartments to store everything neatly and efficiently.
Storage ideas: drawers, shelf dividers, jars, bags, pegs, hooks, boxes, or baskets.

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