Junk Mail

Junk mail can stack up quickly. Here are some ideas to deal with it:

  • Keep a paper shredder near a bin for mail. When junk mail with personal information comes in, you can shred it right away without it stacking up.
  • Take your mail immediately to your garbage "center" to go through it. Immediately recycle what can. Immediately shred what you can. Take the rest and put it in the correct day file. I would put my bills in my Sunday file because I do our finances every Sunday. I would put anything else that needs to be read and or taken action into my Thursday file because that is my correspondence day.
  • If you are unable to keep a shredder near your trashcan because of little fingers, find a good place to store paper that needs to be shredded (a file in the file cabinet for instance), but make sure you empty that file every single week.
Do you have more ideas about junk mail that come to your house? Leave a comment!

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