Do you fall into the 'someday' trap when trying to get organized?
by Elizabeth Hagen

I might need this someday.
I'll fit into this someday.
You just never know, this may come in handy someday.
Someday I'll get organized.

The 'someday trap' is a real self-esteem and productivity killer. If you allow yourself to let 'someday' be part of your thinking you're going to find it really hard to let go of items you don't need, clothes you'll never wear again, and paper that is not necessary.

How about a new way of thinking? How about having 'someday' be today? If you can't wear something right now, if you don't need something right now, and if you can't come up with a great reason to keep that item - and if that elusive word 'someday' pops up as you're going through the decision making process of what to keep - let the item go. Yes, let it go.

If you do I guarantee you're going to feel a lot better about yourself. Imagine, having only clothes that fit you in your closet. Imagine, your office only has the documents you need. Imagine, your junk drawer doesn't have any 'junk' in it!

Stop beating yourself up every time you dig through a file drawer, a desk drawer, the top of your desk, and your closet. Make an appointment in your calendar to organize that area and don't let the 'someday trap' mess it up!

My guideline for quality living is: Only have in your life what you know to be useful, think to be beautiful and you love. There is no room for 'someday'!

Maybe your "someday" needs to happen today by having a consultation with a Professional Organizer. Is it too overwhelming? Want some guidance? Contact us at Simply Organized! We can help!

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