Unwanted electronics

The Cristina Foundation accepts donations in all 50 states and distributes electronics to schools, charities and public agencies. Donation items must not require major repair. For more information, visit www.Cristina.org.

Donate items for use at a school, church or even the Red Cross. For ideas, go to www.Computers4Kids.net or find a list of other possible recipients at www.Epa.gov/e-cycling/donate.htm.

Community colleges and technical colleges often accept electronics that don't work. Students take the equipment apart and learn how to put it back together again so it works.

Type in your zip code at www.gcycle.org and it will give you a list of places in your area to take your broken and discarded electronics.

Contact your local school district or church. One reader's local school organized a drive to collect old electronics. Then, the school turned them in for money. Here is what reader Nancy said:

"Our school system asked anyone who had old computers or other electronic items to contact them by a certain date and they would be collected. Then the group 'cashed' them in somewhere for money to give back to the school. You should have seen the collection! There must have been enough to fill a semi-truck. I just thought you might like to know what our school district did, not only to earn some extra money, but also to help the environment and the public do what should be done with old equipment."

If you are buying new electronics, many stores will take the equipment that you are replacing for free if you buy from them. Stores that do this include Crutchfield, Apple and Best Buy.

To find an e-waste recycling center near you go to www.mygreenelectronics.org/.

Exchange your unwanted gadgets for a Crutchfield gift card at http://crutchfield.cexchange.com/online/home/index.rails.

Best Buy stores host periodic weekend recycling events in their parking lots for larger electronics like computers, computer equipment, audio equipment, TVs and more. Smaller items like batteries and ink cartridges may be dropped off in any store. The Best Buy delivery team will take some items, including TVs and home appliances like washing machines, when dropping off a new one. Go to www.bestbuy.com/recycling for more information.

Office Depot has a recycling program. You'll need to purchase a box and pay for shipping, but it's a handy way to get rid of printers and other larger items for just a few bucks. Check with your local Office Depot store.

Some Goodwill Industries locations accept e-waste, the Springdale location does not. For more information go to http://www.goodwill.org and search for "computers."


Working or not, your old cell phone, together with its charger, can make a big difference in the life of a soldier. Go to www.cellphonesforsoliders.com to learn more.

Get some cash. Go to www.cellforcash.com or www.simplysellular.com to find out what your old cell phone might be worth if you chose to sell it. I just checked mine (which is still on its last ring) and it's worth $54.

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